Scale drawing
A drawing in which the figure drawn is an exact representation of the original object except for size. The change in size is done using equal intervals or a scale. A scale diagram of an object is in the same proportion to the object itself.

If a diagram is smaller than the object, it is a reduction. If a diagram is larger than the object, it is an enlargement. The number of times the size of the diagram is enlarged or reduced is called the scale factor. Enlargements and reductions are sometimes called dilations. The scale factor is sometimes called the ratio of dilation.

Using the scale drawings above, the Eiffel Tower is approximately 350 yd high. It is about 4.5 in. in the drawing and using the scale 1:2800, its height is found to be 4.5 2800 = 12,600 in., or 1050 ft, or 350 yd. The precise height of the Eiffel Tower is 348.53 yards with the antenna that was added in 1994.